Basic Training for New Administrators

  • In introductory session for new Arca admins to get them acquainted with working in their repositories. Covers basic Drupal concepts and Islandora object management.

  • An overview of general configuration options, mostly of standard solutionpacks. Webinar from discoverygarden.

  • An orientation session for new Arca members. Goes over the basics of what Arca is, benefits and responsibilities of member sites, the local administrator's role, how BC ELN supports it, and the basics of how an Arca site works.

  • A meeting of the Implementation Working Group, consisting primarily of a demonstration by Nigel Banks of Islandora Scholar. Topics include an overview of the Citation and Thesis content models, ingesting, configuring display, and Scholar's other features.

  • A meeting of the Implementation Working Group, which includes a talk by Nigel Banks demonstrating how metadata and XML forms work in Islandora.

  • A presentation by Nigel Banks to the Implementation Working Group, outlining broadly how to work in Islandora. Presentation notes available.