Arca Minutes

Shorter, task-oriented screencasts demonstrating specific features, tools, and configurations in Islandora.

  • How to configure and use Islandora WestVault to preserve objects in COPPUL's WestVault LOCKSS network automatically.

  • A tutorial on how to use the Islandora Multi-Importer module to ingest a batch of objects using a metadata CSV to produce valid MODS.

  • Demonstrates how to use Islandora Metadata Extras to turn the values show in search result facets into useful, human-readable values.

  • How to add new citation styles to your Islandora Scholar object displays.

  • Using Islandora Context to change how objects display based on specified criteria. Example shows how to change metadata display profiles based on collection membership.

  • How to change the fonts used in your site, using the @font-your-face module.

  • How to make find/replace edits to your objects, or to batch export and import datastreams. Useful for making large-scale changes to your metadata.

  • How the Islandora Usage Stats module works, and the various blocks it provides. Also describes how to use the custom module, Islandora Datastream Downloads Report.

  • Three modules to display usage statistics on individual objects and collections: Islandora Usage Reports, Islandora Usage Stats Charts, and Islandora Usage Stats CSV.

    A short video showing how to enable, configure, and use these modules. This is the first in the "Arca...