Arca Hours

These online training sessions are intended to provide hands-on guidance with common tasks in Islandora, and configuration tasks that may not be entirely intuitive. New Arca Hours are posted frequently.

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  • An overview from Corey Davis of COPPUL of COPPUL's Digital Preservation Network and potential integration with Arca.

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  • An overview of the various custom modules developed for Arca, and several contributed modules from the Islandora community. Covers:

    • Islandora Social Metatags
    • Islandora Badges:
      • Altmetrics, Scopus, Web of Science, Crossref Citations,
    • How to create a Scholar Profile (using the Person content model)
    • How to ensure Citation and Thesis objects are included in the person's Scholar Profile page
  • Building Workflows with the Drupal Rules Module. 

  • This is not actually an Arca Hour; it is a very useful tutorial given by discoverygarden. A detailed look on how Form Builder works, including XPath, elements, field types, and how to create or modify a form. Quite comprehensive - required viewing for anyone thinking about...

  • Including some info on Drupal permissions, roles, and how XACML interacts with them.

  • Setting up search results and object pages to display the fields you want. Including how MODS metadata is transformed into other formats, how Solr processes fields, and Solr settings, setting up canned searches, and metadata display profiles.

  • A simple setup for allowing faculty and/or students to submit work to the repository directly. Includes info on working with the Simple Workflow module, and basic customization of ingest forms.

  • Using the CSS Injector module to add custom styling to blocks and pages. Including an overview of CSS, how it works, how to use CSS Injector, and using Inspect Element to guide you.

    External resources:

    • w3schools CSS tutorial: ...
  • How to work in Drupal, Islandora's user and administrative interface. Covers menus, basic pages, fields, content types, and views. To illustrate, we demonstrate how to set up a custom Browse page with canned search links.

  • How to set up Google Analytics for Islandora.

  • How to set up and style the Altmetric badge. Google Analytics touched on, but we ran into problems.