Suggest use cases for Arca post-migration

The Arca Admin Centre would like to hear about things that your organization will want to do in the new Arca environment. These use cases will inform some of our next steps of our migration, including the types of documentation we write, the training sessions we hold, and the questions we pose to discoverygarden about customization and configuration. You are welcome to enter as many use cases as you'd like, so feel free to return to the form multiple times.

Some prompts to get you started:

  • Are there any elements of your site that you might want to show or hide from public view? 
  • How would you like your users to be interacting with your collections?
  • Are there any theming changes that would make it easier for admins or staff to manage your repository?
Enter your name.
Enter your email address.
Enter the name of your repository or Arca child site.
Describe a use case for your site post-migration. (Ex. Our repository staff will need to know how to create new webpages and link to them in the primary navigation menu; We would like to display our 5 most recently ingested objects in a block on our front page.)