In breadcrumbs, my root collection's name is replaced by "Islandora Repository". How do I change this?

For reasons unknown, the root of the breadcrumbs is served from the link in the Navigation menu (admin/structure/menu/manage/navigation). Edit the link and change its name to that of your root collection, and the breadcrumbs will appear correctly.

Text in my Book/Newspaper pages is blurry in the BookReader. How can I fix that?

While you might suspect it's an image quality problem, if you check the JP2 images of your pages you will likely find that they are decent quality. Instead, you need to change compression level in your BookReader configuration.

Go to Islandora -> Islandora Viewers to change the BookReader settings. Set the Compression Level at 5 (instead of the default 4). Your text should render more nicely. If it’s still blurry, set it another notch higher and see how it looks.

I enabled a module but cannot use or configure it

First, make sure that the module really is enabled.

Then, make sure you have given yourself permission to use it:

  • Go to People -> Permissions (admin/people/permissions)
  • Find the module you're working with
  • Ensure that your role (probably Local Administrator) is checked off

How can I make the Admin Toolbar look nicer?

Go to the Modules menu, and do the following:

  • Filter to the word "toolbar"
  • Enable "Administration menu Toolbar style"
  • Disable "Toolbar"

Object says "Document not present in Solr" and doesn't show up in searches

If this is happening to one or a handful of objects, check to make sure the object is active:

  • Navigate to the object
  • Click the Manage tab
  • Click Properties
  • Check the State field

If the object is Inactive, set it to Active. Inactive objects are not indexed by Solr.

If this is happening to a large number of objects, or all objects in the repository, we may have a corrupted index. Email the Arca Office and we will investigate.

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