My Compound Object children aren't ordering properly

To reorder your compound object children, Manage the parent object and click the Compound tab. Under the "Reorder" section, you can drag around the children to the order you prefer.

If your ordering still isn't being respected, make sure you aren't using Solr for your ordering query:

How are basic search results generated?

Basic Solr searches default to an OR operator, meaning there is an implied OR between each of your keywords. This is why a search for John McGee will return more results than John AND McGee, which in turn has more results than "John McGee" in quotes.

However, unless you have changed the way search results are sorted (by score), the full results of an AND search will show up first in an OR search, before any results that do not contain all keywords are listed. So while an OR search turns up more results, the initial set of results are no different from doing an AND search.

How can I include streaming video/audio in Arca?

You may create objects ofr externally-hosted video and audio using the Streaming Media content model. To make this possible:

How is Solr ranking determined?

In your Solr settings (admin/islandora/search/islandora_solr/settings), look at the Query Defaults tab.

Under Query Fields, you'll see something like: 

dc.title^5 dc.subject^2 dc.description^2 dc.creator^2 dc.contributor^1 dc.type

How do I avoid empty name fields appearing in search results?

Replace dc.contributor with our custom contributor field: bceln_namePart_roleTerm_merge_ms.

  1. Go to admin/islandora/search/islandora_solr/settings
  2. Under Display Fields, add bceln_namePart_roleTerm_merge_ms
  3. Save
  4. Configure the new field’s label to <none> or whatever label you prefer
  5. Remove dc.contributor
  6. Save again
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