What sites are harvesting Arca content?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of sites that are currently harvesting Arca content: 

How can I include other content models in the Scholar Profile pages?

Configure Islandora Entities (Islandora -> Solution pack config -> Islandora Entities) and find "Solr base query for citations"

Here you can modify the query to include other content models. For example, to include both the Citation and Large Image content models, use:

+RELS_EXT_hasModel_uri_mt:("ir:citationCModel" || "islandora:sp_large_image_cmodel")

The parallel bars ("||") are the OR operator. You can add as many as you need to in order to include all the necessary content models in your search. 

Can I embed my Arca search box in another site?

To embed an Arca search box in your library website or elsewhere, just paste this code wherever you want to embed it, and edit MY_SITE to your domain (e.g. mysite.arcabc.ca):

How can I embed video from Arca in another site?

Quick/automatic approach:

Enable the module "Islandora Video Embed", and in the Blocks menu (Structure -> Blocks), add the Video Embed Code block to a page region such as Sidebar Second.

Now, when you view a Video object, a block appears containing embed code you can copy and use on any website.

Manual approach:

Get the full download link from your object's Manage page, and include the video's complete filename.

My repository icon on the arcabc.ca Browse page is wrong. How do I change it?

The icons at https://arcabc.ca/islandora/object/bceln:root come from the TN (thumbnail) datastream on each site's root collection object. If you want to change that icon, you must manage your root collection.

Go to your site's root (at /islandora/object/[yournamespace]:root) and click Manage. Then click Datastreams, and under the TN datastream, click Replace.

Upload your new thumbnail. Make sure it is a 128x128 pixel square -- if its dimensions are not square, you will need to edit the image so that they are. Otherwise it will not display attractively in the list.

How do I change a collection thumbnail? (Or any other object thumbnail)

Navigate to your collection and click Manage.

Under Datastreams, find the TN (thumbnail) datastream. Click the Replace link. (If no TN datastream is available, create a new one.)

Replace the image with your own. Make sure your new image has the right dimensions. Default is 128x128 pixels.

How do I set up thesis harvesting with LAC?

How do I configure my site to participate in the Library and Archives Canada ETD harvesting program?

Your Arca site automatically takes care of most of the pieces required to make your theses available to LAC. The main thing you need is your OAI-PMH feed URL, which you can access at the path [yoursite].arcabc.ca/oai2/. (e.g. http://arcabc.ca/oai2)

Follow the guidelines provided by Theses Canada to get set up with ETD harvesting.



What's the difference between repository content and website content?

I want to put some files on our Arca site, and I'm not sure where they belong. How do I decide?

Not everything you put on your Arca site belongs in the repository. Some kinds of content are better suited to be hosted just on the website. See our documentation for details: Repository content vs. website content.

How do I make a Citation or Thesis appear on a scholar profile page?

Make sure the content of the person's Identifier field is present on the Citation or Thesis object, under the "Qualified Name" field. (Not the Identifier field. This is unintuitive, and there is a ticket in the Islandora system to get this changed.) As long as the information is present somewhere in that field, it will be found by the Scholar Profile.

Watch the Arca Hour on Scholar Profiles for details: http://ac-connect.bccampus.ca/p2xzipjyef3/

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