Managing objects

How can I delete/migrate/share lots of objects at once?

When managing a collection, the options on the Collection tab let you manage multiple objects at once. These views by default only shows 10 objects at a time. For 1,000+ objects, this means a lot of screens and a lot of clicking.

But the number of objects that appear on this screen can be configured. Just go to the Collection Solution Pack config page: admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/basic_collection

Under the field “Objects per page during collection management”, just change the number. 

How do I change how Book pages are displayed?

By default, the Book Viewer makes several assumptions about Book objects:

  • That you want to display two pages side by side (or whatever default you set in the general Book configuration)
  • That your book has a cover, and so presents the first page alone and subsequent pages side by side
  • That your pages were ingested in the correct order
  • That your book reads right-to-left

Each of these things can be configured by Managing the book and clicking to the Book tab.

How do I delete an object?

There are two ways to delete objects. The preferred method is by managing the object itself. The less-preferred method is to do so by managing the object's parent collection (or parent newspaper/book).

Preferred method

  1. Manage the object (navigate to the object and click the Manage tab)
  2. Go to Properties
  3. Click "Permanently remove [this object] from repository"
    • If the object is a collection, it will instead say "Delete collection".

The object and any of its children (if applicable) will be removed.

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