How should I format my DOIs?

While some publishers require the full URL to the DOI, citation style guides and some of the modules we use prefer just the number. One of our sites came up with the following approach, that meets both requirements.

  • In the DOI field <identifier type="DOI">, enter the DOI number - not the URL.
  • In the URI field < identifier type="URI">, enter the full URL to the DOI.

This approach works well for several reasons:

What are some guidelines for preparing batch ingests?

Escape XML control characters

If your MODS metadata contains XML control characters (see list here) they must be escaped - i.e. converted into alternatives that the software can process without errors. e.g. if your <abstract> element contains a line like the following:

"When exposure to helicopter activity is <1h per month…”

That needs to be changed to:

"When exposure to helicopter activity is &lt;1h per month”

How do I prevent self-submitted objects from appearing in the repository before they're reviewed?

We allow self-submission, but want to implement a workflow that stops the objects from being published in the repository until a librarian has looked at the object and refined the metadata. How can we do this?

Use the Simple Workflow module. Enable it under the Modules menu.

Simple Workflow sets any ingested object to "Inactive" until someone with appropriate permissions has changed it to "Active". You can see a list of all inactive objects under Islandora -> Islandora Utility Modules -> Simple Workflow Objects, where you can review them or enable them.

You can set permssions so that certain roles bypass Simple Workflow - i.e. their objects are ingested without being held as "inactive" objects.

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