Some objects are not downloadable by end users. How can I change this?

While some Islandora content models provide a download link on the object view page, others do not. This requires one or more extra steps.

First, enable the Islandora Downloadable Datastreams module, and configure it under Islandora -> Islandora Utility Modules -> Islandora Downloadable Datastreams. You will need to select the types of objects for which to generate a download link.

Then, enable the Download block and place it in the appropriate page area (Structure -> Blocks).

Can Arca provide links to fulltext articles outside the repository?

If I ingest a Citation or Thesis object but I don't have a PDF that I can include, how can I direct users to access a fulltext version of the article?

If your objects contain a DOI in a MODS Identifier field <identifier type = "doi">, several options become possible. The DOI itself can be linked to externally-hosted articles, but often those articles are behind paywalls - even when open-access versions exist.

To get around this, the Islandora Badges module has a submodule called Islandora oaDOI.

Can I integrate LDAP into my Arca instance?

An SSL certificate is a prerequisite for LDAP integration, and there may be a cost to implement and maintain it. Let the Admin Centre know if you are interested in an LDAP integration and we’ll talk next steps.

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