How can I change the repository name in my breadcrumbs?

If you're seeing something undesirable like "Islandora Repository" in your breadcrumbs, instead of your repository's name, check the various menus you have enabled -- even the ones you aren't using. The breadcrumb titles come from the menu links that are configured.

Go to Structure -> Menus and check on the links within the various menus. "Navigation" is a likely culprit here. Find any link that points at /islandora, and edit the link title.

How do I control how my collections are sorted?

You can use Solr fields to determine how your collections' objects are sorted.

Metadata display changes for Citation/Thesis objects don't take effect

If you're making changes to you Citation or Thesis objects' metadata display profiles (at Islandora -> Solr Index -> Metadata display), check our Scholar configuration.

Go to Islandora -> Solution Pack Configuration -> Scholar. Scroll down to find the option "Use Standard Metadata Display". Make sure it is checked.

Scholar defaults to its own metadata display, COinS. This display is not configurable, and so is probably not the best choice for objects in Arca. 

One of my display fields shows multiple values instead of just one. How do I fix it?

When viewing an object, one or more of the metadata display fields shows several values in it, from several different elements that were added separately to the ingest form. How can I display one specific value?

Your metadata display profile (or Solr search result field, or wherever you're using a Solr field) is probalby using the Dublin Core Solr field (dc.description, dc.identifier, etc.) rather than the more granular MODS Solr field. Dublin Core is not as precise as MODS, and many DC elements combine different MODS elements into one.

For example, dc.description will combine MODS abstract, and all MODS note elements. If you want to display just one of these, choose the MODS field that contains the specific piece of metadata you require.

My object doesn't display the fields I want. Do I need to change the ingest form?


Your ingest form is probably fine. Solr generates many fields based on the metadata you ingest via the form, and your object's content model metadata display profile is only configured to display a certain selection of those. You can configure the fields used in your Solr Metadata Display at in admin/islandora/search/islandora_solr/metadata. 

For detailed assistance with this, including ways to find out which fields you should be using, review the Metadata Display Arca Hour.


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