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Arca local administrators meet frequently to discuss shared goals and needs.

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Meeting notes and recordings:

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Mar 28 2023


Migration Q&A and updates on next steps.

Recording passcode: Qt%LcW

Jul 19 2022

Migration to Islandora 2, plus a bit of discussion about RDM.

Feb 11 2021

  • New structure proposed for Islandora 8
  • Metadata issues - Genre terms need correcting (see
  • BC ELN scholarly publishing: free pilot starting in March

Sep 24 2020

Explanations and way forward for recent downtime; ongoing Solr work; dealing with bots; delaying theming and accessibility work for Islandora 8; information on our inevitable Islandora 8 migration.

Mar 6 2020


Updates on new initiatives: Arca Sandbox, TK Labels, Solr field revamp, and upcoming theme refresh. Planned formation of a theming subgroup to determine requirements for the new theme.

Oct 4 2019

  • Islandora Westvault ready for users; contact Brandon if you want to get started with a WestVault account.
  • BC ELN has reached a deal with EBSCO on indexing IRs in EDS; contact Brandon and your EBSCO rep to start indexing your site.
  • Enabling engagement with This is an external annotation tool that enables discussion and engagement with your repository objects, without actually modifying your site. A module is available if you wish to use it.
  • Traditional Knowledge Labels: like Rights Statements for Indigenous content.
    • ACTION (all): Look at your objects and determine whether TK Labels would be useful to you.
  • Islandora Slack: New venue for discussion/chat/support re all things Islandora. To join:
  • LDAP Module: Useful for SSO, creating faculty and student accounts. If working with your IT group to set this up, contact Brandon to document for other members.
  • Citaiton Style problems: Issues found with formatting. Resolved (mostly) by updating the Citeproc library.

May 16 2019


  • Harvesting/indexing in discovery layers and Theses Canada
  • Recent developments: Islandora Remote Media, Arca Minutes
  • Possible updates to the Arca theme
  • Islandora conference
  • Updates to metadata standards and controlled vocabularies
  • Potential new types of content to support in Arca
  • Interest in a potential OJS/scholarly communication collaborative service

Action items - Arca Admins:

  • Send Brandon examples of Islandora sites with theme elements you would like to see in Arca
  • Send Brandon PIDs from repository objects you would like showcased on the Arca homepage
  • Let Brandon know if you are interested in helping to coordinate Islandora Conference social activities
  • Discuss need for additional content model support on mailing list

Action items - Arca Office:

  • Investigate best practices for author keywords in extension elements

Jan 11 2019

  • Consensus on selection of AAT and MARC Genre Terms as controlled vocabularies for Genre
  • Author-supplied keywords to remain separate from Subject elements. Further investigation is needed to choose a more appropriate element.

Action items:

  • Sites using local terms with no suitable synonyms in AAT or MARCGT to send a listt of those terms to Brandon.

  • UNBC to investigate alternative elements for author keywords.

Aug 31 2018

  • Next steps for preservation partnership with COPPUL
  • Plans to standardize Genre and Role terms, continued work to standardize Dates
  • Discussion of updates to ingest forms
  • Plans to implement Serial Object solution pack
  • New sites: Athabasca University, Brandon Univeristy, Red Deer College
  • Possible in-person "Arca Camp" in November

May 18 2018


Rights Statements and Creative Commons licenses; Migration update; Streaming video capability; Standardizing date formats; Discussion about ingesting and displaying research posters.

Feb 15 2018



  • Review the licenses and statements at Rights Statements and Creative Commons
  • Let the Admin Centre know whether these options will suffice as standard language for your repository objects


  • Preservation
  • Standardizing rights/usage statements
  • COAR report on next-gen repositories
  • Topics for 2018 Arca Hours
  • Metadata Guidelines discussion
  • Hosting developments
  • Analytics and usage stats

Nov 24 2017

  • New Arca partners: Digitized Okanagan History, and the BC Historical Digitization Project
  • New Solr fields generated using the Role Term:
    • Allows you to display names of people with specific Roles
    • Reversed version (Lastname, Firstname) also available
    • Syntax:
      • bceln_name_[roleTerm]_namePart_combined_ms
      • bceln_name_[roleTerm]_namePart_combined_reversed_ms
    • Examples:
      • bceln_name_Thesis_Advisor_namePart_combined_ms
      • bceln_name_Art_Director_namePart_combined_ms
  • Annual or semi-annual basic training for all members discussed
  • Need to update the Metadata Guidelines document

Jul 21 2017

Discussion of new features:

  • Statistics report page
  • OAI-PMH download link
  • Islandora Owner Permissions
  • PDF.js reader

May 19 2017


Compound Object walkthrough; some service updates; form of name discussion; controlled path for submission agreements. 

Mar 17 2017


Action items: 

Jan 20 2017


Topics: how Solr fields are created via XSLT, and possible need to modify to suit specific needs; introduced the Islandora Downloadable Image module; possibility of an Arca Camp training day; preview of UNBC's self-submission process; status of Theses Canada's harvesting program.

Oct 21 2016


Topics: proposed enhancement process; crowd-funding mechanism under discussion by Islandora Foundation; images and rights management; changes to the Name fields in thesis ingest form; Twitterbot; Arca story link on Admin Support site.

Sep 23 2016


Meeting cancelled due to illness.

Jul 20 2016


In-person meeting. Topics included: roundtable updates from all sites; rights management.

May 20 2016


Topics included: SSL and LDAP; self-submission workflow; search within collections; sort search results; uploading large collections and storage allocation; in-person opportunities.

Apr 15 2016


Topics included: using ORCID IDs as a best practice; proposed self-submission workflow.

Mar 21 2016


Topics included: assigning DOIs; simplified ingest process for self-submission; start of Arca Hours sessions.

Feb 22 2016


Topics included: theming changes update; Collection Item Details View implementation; metrics/Google Analytics functionality; metadata display using Islandora Standard display; desire for simpler submission workflow.

Dec 9 2015


Topics included: infrastructure & meeting frequency; priorities for training; theming change requests; faculty metrics use cases.